Lesson 1 - Footings, Foundations, and Forms


Laying out building lines; Levels; Batterboards; Grading; Excavating; Footings; Concrete; Foundation walls; Waterproofing concrete

Learning Objectives:
– Demonstrate how to lay out a right angle without using instruments.
– Explain how to set up batterboards and building lines for an excavation.
– Tell what you can do to assure your own safety when working around an excavation.
– Describe how to erect a form for a concrete footing.
– Show how to mix a small batch of concrete using the "bottomless box."
– Describe how to prevent concrete slabs from cracking.

Lesson 2 - Framing the Structure


Common framing method; Mounting the sill; Floor joists; Cantilever framing; Subflooring; Framing walls; Cross bracing; Wall sheathing

Learning Objectives:
– Demonstrates how to lay out anchor bolt holes in sills.
– Describe the two methods of framing a cantilever.
– Compare cross bridging and solid bridging between floor joists.
– Explain how to construct and erect an inner stud wall.
– Tell why carpenters prefer to use plywood for sheathing walls.

Lesson 3 - Framing the Roof with a Framing Square


Roof designs; Rafter layout; Pitch and slope; Framing square; Estimating, laying out rafters; Setting frame in place; Roof trusses; sheathing

Learning Objectives:
– Point out how the heel, plumb, and seat cuts in a rafter are different.
– Identify the information printed on the face and back of a framing square.
– Explain how to use a framing square to determine the line length of a rafter.
– Describe how to lay out studs for a gable end.
– Tell how to determine the length of hip rafters.

Lesson 4 - Installing Windows and Exterior Doors


Types of windows and sashes; Glazing; Heat gain/loss; Window unit and glass installation; Door jamb construction; Hinges; Hanging a door

Learning Objectives:
– Explain how awning-type and hopper-type casement windows differ in operation.
– Name three or four of the common glazings and tell the advantages of each.
– List the critical dimensions for preparing and installing window units.
– Describe how to install a window unit.
– Tell how to mount a fixed glass in a picture window.
– Explain how to install mortise hinges on a door, and hang the door in the jamb.

Lesson 5 - Installing Roofing and Siding


Roofing materials; Built-up roofing; Shingles; Flashing; Valleys; Capping a roof; Cornices; Wood, other-than-wood, shingled, and vertical siding

Learning Objectives:
– Explain how a built-up roof is constructed.
– Give some of the safety precautions to follow when working with hot tar.
– Describe how to apply asphalt shingles to a roof.
– Tell how to estimate the amount of roofing required for a building.
– Describe how to use a story pole in the application of wood siding to a building.
– Explain how to install cornerboards for exterior trimming.