Lesson 1: Introduction to Cranes & Derricks
Major Considerations; Hoisting; Drums; Sheaves; Wire Rope; Powered Lifting; Luffing; Derricks; the Contemporary Crane; Basis for Load Ratings

Lesson 2: Basic Structural Analysis & Design
Major Considerations; Stress & Strain; Shear Stress & Shear Strain; Beam Shear & Bending; Centroid, Moment of Inertia; Connections; Columns

– Identify units of stress.
– Determine the maximum shear and bending values in a beam.
– List the modes of riveted joint failure.
– Understand the basics of a factor of safety (also known as a design factor).
Lesson 3: Introduction to Dynamics

Major Considerations; Rectilinear Kinematics; Force & Acceleration; Work & Energy; Derivatives & Integrals


– Understand the relationship between integrals and derivatives.
– Identify how velocity effects acceleration.
– Name energy’s international standard (SI) units.

Lesson 4: Load Handling Activities

Principles; Definitions; Components; Diagrams; Symbols; Power Calculations

– Calculate force when provided with variables of area and pressure.
– List all of the factors regulated by a hydraulic motor.
– Calculate work when provided with the variables of load and distance.