TPC makes the electrical study more accessible by organizing critical safety information on a mobile platform.

The leader in industrial skills training now delivers arc flash analysis to commercial and industrial facilities on its patented process mapping platform, TPC iSchematic. The platform organizes arc flash analysis content on a customized mobile interface, giving workers reliable access to up-to-date electrical component and safety information while they’re on the job.

Most commercial, institutional, and industrial electrical systems have arc flash hazards. OSHA and the NFPA require that those systems be individually analyzed and, if hazards exist, labeled to identify the arc flash boundary, the incident energy at the working distance, and the required personal protective equipment (PPE). TPC’s solution helps facilities maintain better compliance and safety by making the information more accessible and updateable than traditional arc flash reporting and labeling can offer.

TPC’s approach to arc flash analysis can deliver:

• An Interactive map of the facility’s entire electrical system, with the ability to zoom to electrical equipment bus locations and warning labels.
• Full mobile portability to efficiently manage facilities of any size or multiple facilities.
• Easy updatability to help facilities maintain accuracy and worker safety as electrical systems are updated.
• Manufacturer information with visual references to make fuse and circuit repairs easier and safer.

“The goal, at the end of the day, is to keep workers safe while working with electricity,” said Casey Smith, Senior Electrical Engineer for TPC. “Our solution to arc flash analysis helps clients put electrical safety information where it belongs – right in the hands of your maintenance staff and electrical contractors.”

Arc flash analysis is an electrical engineering study that allows commercial and industrial buildings and industrial facilities to fulfill OSHA 1910 132(d) and NFPA 70E requirements for assessing the workplace arc flash hazards. Arc flash analysis is conducted via on-site data-gathering by field analysts, followed by calculation of arc flash hazards and requirements by an experienced electrical engineer.

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