The boiler room, or the maintenance room, often slips under the conscious radar when thinking of the upkeep of a building’s operating systems. While the boiler room may be hidden underneath the building, or in a small utility room towards the corner of the house, its maintenance is vital to the safety of the home’s residents. We use the boiler in our homes for various purposes: water heating, central heating, cooking and sanitation. Without a heating system, there would only be involuntary gasps from cold showers, and unrelenting shudders from cold winter chills.

Because the boiler room is in part, responsible for a comfortable lifestyle, its maintenance is paid special attention - they require inspection and servicing at least once a year in houses. In buildings, a daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedule is followed strictly to prevent explosions, unnecessary rusting of tubes, and an over buildup of carbon and other chemicals.

For example, one of the various necessary maintenance routines is the regular cleaning and treatment of the boilers, which prevents tube leaks and rotting. The ferritic stainless steel used in making boilers are expensive to replace and require special attention in case of corrosion caused by placing cold water into heated steel tubes. Another common side effect of lack of maintenance is carbon build up from boilers that use oil, which results in increased harmful exhaust emissions and higher maintenance costs.

Another few key components that need to be paid attention to in the upkeep of the boiler room include the safety devices (steam valves, safety valves), the chimney flue, the combustion air supply and the room in which the boiler runs. Low-water cutoffs are the main cause of the burner potentially boiling the boiler itself.

While all these potential disasters sound scary, there is a sure preventive procedure to keep these “meltdowns” at bay. The infographic below will shed light on how to maintain an efficient boiler, with all the necessary boiler training information you need on how to clean, check and fix everything in the mysterious boiler room.



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