The 2017 National Electric Code® is now active, and contains changes which will significantly impact multiple industries, building codes, and personnel protection protocols. It’s vital to be well-informed at the start of any new code cycle, so when the new code contains hundreds of updates and five new articles, seeking out expert advice can save you time and money.

TPC Trainco, the leader in live industrial maintenance training, will discuss the latest NEC® updates and revisions at the National Facilities Management and Technology Vegas Tradeshow in a live seminar led by Mr. Mike Leitzel on November 2, 2016.

For those unable to attend the seminar, a FREE one-hour 2017 National Electrical Code®: The Biggest Changes to the Code and How It Affects Your Facility webinar will be hosted by veteran electrical instructor Mr. Bob Clukey on the same day.

What’s Changed and Why?

NEC®'s code panels created more than 1200 revisions to the 2017 code, all of which were carefully tracked by TPC Trainco’s technical resources team. Mr. Clukey will address the most significant changes to the code in the webinar and trade presentation, discussing the revisions and their impact on energy storage systems, working space, wall receptacles, and more.

Register Now

Mr. Leitzel will present this critical seminar at the Mirage Hotel and Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, at 9.00am PST, November 2, 2016.


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