Traditionally, TPC Trainco has focused solely on live, instructor-led classroom training.  As the technology in facilities and the roles of employees change, so does the need for non-traditional training methods.  One of the biggest obstacles to classroom training was allowing time for employees to be away from a work site.  Close proximity to the work site was always preferable in the event of an emergency.  TPC Trainco has eliminated this obstacle by creating live online training.  

These are not pre-recorded videos viewed online - these are 100% live seminars with a real instructor.  Currently, there are two formats:

First, a 100% online training where all participants are online.  Second, a "simulcast" where a training seminar happens with a classroom of students AND additional students attending online.  

TPC Trainco instructor Ryan Smith conducting a live online training

(Above: TPC Trainco instructor Ryan Smith conducts a live online electrical training)


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