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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

HVAC Challenges in Historical Buildings

Posted by John | 10.17.17

Installing or upgrading HVAC for historic buildings is a complicated—and sometimes nerve-wracking—process. As the HVAC installer, you have two responsibilities that can sometimes clash. You have to provide a system...

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Conducting an HVAC Energy Audit

Posted by John | 05.20.17

A commercial energy audit offers a chance to determine your HVAC system’s energy needs and identify possible areas of concern by examining energy use and performing a component-by-component examination of...

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Getting EPA 608 Certified With TPC Training

Posted by John | 11.12.16

If you work with air conditioners or refrigerants, then you need your EPA 608 certification.  Any person who opens a system or container holding a controlled refrigerant is required by the...

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5 Places To Look For Energy Loss In Commercial Buildings

Posted by John | 05.17.16

One of the easiest ways for businesses to save money on utility bills is to plug energy leaks. To do this, the leaks must first be found. Energy leaks can’t...

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