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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

Is Forklift Training Necessary? What Kind of Training Do You Need?

Posted by Jenn | 05.23.19

Forklifts are complicated and potentially dangerous vehicles, and as such should only be driven by trained operators. Despite this fact, it’s not unheard of for untrained employees to try to...

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How to Improve Workplace Safety

Posted by John | 11.07.18

Every business needs to consider safety in the workplace. It doesn’t matter whether your place of business is a small office or a factory floor, you have a responsibility to...

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How Often Should You Provide Ongoing Training to Your Employees?

Posted by John | 08.27.18

Companies that value well-trained employees often have ongoing training programs in place. Ongoing does not mean continuous, so how often should you provide ongoing training to employees? Training new hires...

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