And so, now today, yeah, what we want to get accomplished is first and foremost, as far as your technicians occurred, I want to provide them...and this course wants to provide an avenue to measure how effective your maintenance program is. So some of the things that are associated with that would be not only just how often things are breaking or how often you have to replace something, but also it kind of in the idea of what's energy efficient and then how all the various small things of maintenance are associated with that.

And one of the things that I like to do in all of my classes, is like to boil things down to as simple as possible and to assign the value of why this is important. And so, this leads us to the value of maintenance. And so, why is maintenance important? Why is it more of an investment than it is a cost? Because One of the biggest things, especially, I mean, I really learned in engineering school was doing the advanced math associated with time value of money. Understanding that a little bit of a large investment in the short term is an actual large payback in a long-term. Meaning that it's better to spend a large sum of money now, that'll last year for 10, 20, 30 years than pay for a small sum of money, that's only going to get you through the next two or three years.

And so, and a lot of maintenance programs, that's the mentality that's behind the maintenance, is to be able to accomplish just that. And so, with this, as I mentioned earlier, is that we... I provide, there are so many examples of available for me in this course that whatever is specific to the needs of the student, I could pull those examples. And so, as we go through the course I'll kind of give you an idea what those examples are. And finally, of course, don't forget about...we don't want to forget about workplace safety. Yes, we talk a lot about electrical safety mainly because if you look at the data from the Department of Labor, that's still one of the largest sources of mishaps and near miss is regards to electrical safety. But, we also talk about other safety, like fall protection and like respirator type stuff, just general safety.

Is Maintenance a Cost or an Investment?

And so maintenance like training, as I mentioned, is an investment. And so, the idea is to have the maintenance be done in such a way to prevent it from breaking at a time that is extremely inconvenienced if you will or at a time that would be very expensive. And so, part of understanding how our maintenance program is set up is making sure that you are...that those who are maintaining the maintenance program and those who are using it understand what is expected and the purpose of that maintenance program.

And in the end, what it boils down to is to overall save your company money and to allow your company be more efficient in general. And so...oh, here we go. So one of the things we teach in our classes here is, of course, we have...we just talked about preventative maintenance. Now, we can do this from multiple perspectives.


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