TPC’s newest online training support application helps administrators assign, report on, and manage industrial training programs.

Buffalo Grove, IL – July 26th 2016 – TPC Training Systems recently extended new, in-content support to its online training administrators by introducing a step-by-step “how-to” application within TPC Online™. The interactive support application gives online training administers additional resources and instruction on adding trainees, customizing training plans, and intricate report generation in the interest of helping clients get the most out of their online learning management system.

Along with TPC Online’s industrial skills training library, the LMS includes a variety of robust administration tools that are customized to each facility’s training requirements. The new in-content support application, powered by WalkMe, provides administrators faster support in accurately implementing these tools but also helps them discover additional features that might benefit their current or future training plans. 

The new support app assists administrators in:
• Assigning a Training Activity
• Editing an Existing Assignment
• Granting Additional Test Attempts
• Adding a User
• Editing Existing Users
• Understanding the Reports Overview
• Launching Training Activities
• Accessing our Knowledge Base
• Finding Answers and Solutions for Common Questions and Issues
• Understanding the TPC Course Catalog
• Submitting a Support Ticket

    “TPC’s objective in implementing this new support application was to not only offer faster support to common questions, but enable training administrators to use learning features that ensure their facilities get the most out of TPC Online,” said Andrew Kauser, TPC Training Systems’ CEO.

    TPC Online features over 1,000 course hours of online maintenance training and industrial safety topics. Training titles range from fundamentals skills to job-specific titles like welding, robotics, and maintenance management. 


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