Webinar on OSHA Violations

Life after an OSHA Citation: Turning a Black Mark into a Better Workplace

OSHA citations happen: the agency conducted 35,000 inspections in 2015 and cited 65,000 violations for a range of common hazards. The facilities that come back strongest from a citation are the ones that go beyond hazard correction to establish a culture of safe work practices.

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Online Process Control Systems Courses

TPC Training Systems' online Process Control Systems training series explains how the elements discussed in Process Control Instrumentation work together. The included courses develop concepts of system control from basic controller and control loop PID operation through integrated systems, with emphasis on distributed control systems. In addition, this training series discusses data transmission methods, including fiber optics, and describes safe ways of maintaining system quality. Learn more about online maintenance training with TPC Online.

Working with Controllers

Covers the purposes and kinds of controllers and their relationship to other components in process...


How Control Loops Operate

Covers definition of control loop terms and characteristics. The online course includes specific examples of...


Data Transmission

This online course covers mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and telemetric data transmission methods. Discusses indicators, other...


Computers in Process Control

The Computers in Process Control online course covers the evolution of today's process control computer...

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