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About TPC Training Instructor-Led Courses

TPC Training provides live instructor-led training on electrical, HVAC, plant management, PLC, and mechanical and industrial topics for maintenance personnel in industrial plants and large facilities. Our two to four day training courses offer intensive, high-impact training that gets workers back to the workplace quickly to apply what they’ve learned. We also provide live on-site training, tailored to each client’s needs and equipment.

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Workers trained since 2004

Seminars nationwide each year

Maintenance topics covered


Our Approach to Training uses live instruction as the most effective way to learn and retain maintenance skills.
Our Instructors are seasoned industry experts and field-experienced educators.
Our Curriculum covers a full range of industrial, facility, and building maintenance topics.
Our Guarantee ensures our training courses deliver.

Our Approach to Maintenance Training

Our ability to train technicians on essential maintenance topics in just two to four days is the foundation of our success. We’re able to deliver measurable skill gains in a short time because we focus on real-world scenarios and practical knowledge that our students can immediately apply at their facility.

What makes our training approach different?

Tailored content — Our live instruction format encourages students to discuss the needs and equipment in their own workplace, allowing tailored feedback from the instructor.

Industry expertise — From electrical training to facility management, our team of more than 60 expert instructors earns high marks from our students for the deep field experience they bring to each training class.

Hands-on participation — We employ hands-on demonstrations using real-life equipment, engage in classroom discussions about each attendee’s unique on-the-job challenges, and utilize interactive class activities to deliver an engaging, interactive session that increases practical skill acquisition.

Measurable outcomes — Our optional testing and certification allow you to assess training needs and outcomes, and can be used toward continuing education credits.

Unbiased education — Unlike many other training classes, ours are independent and commercially unbiased, with a total focus on delivering a high-impact learning experience.

Our Expert Instructors

Our team of over 60 field-experienced instructors is the backbone of our training schedule, from HVAC certification and maintenance to PLC courses. Together they’ve logged more than 200,000 hours in the classroom — by far the deepest experience in the industry.
All of our instructors must meet three core requirements:

1. Relevant formal education in the course topic area
2. Documented hands-on work experience in their area
3. Specific experience as a maintenance training instructor

Many of our instructors’ credentials extend even further, including experience as authors, speakers, and industry organization board members within their fields of expertise. And they stay current on technology and industry trends through their own ongoing education, field visits, and peer review meetings.

The result of our emphasis on instructor quality is a consistently high standard of delivery across all of our 2000+ annual training classes. Workers leave our classes ready to apply what they’ve learned to make an immediate impact at their jobs.

Interested students and companies can contact us at 1-877-978-7246 or by email at for more information about specific instructors.

Interested in becoming an instructor? If you believe you meet the standards described above, we’d like to hear from you. Send a current resume with relevant job history, training, and speaking/teaching background, as well as educational and professional memberships, to

Our Curriculum

TPC Training’s curriculum is designed to provide complete coverage of essential industrial maintenance skills, across a full range of electrical training, HVAC, plant management, and mechanical & industrial topics. Our “see, touch, do” instructional approach allows us to impart practical skills in an intensive format.

Our curriculum is built on the expertise of our instructors, allowing us to condense volumes of research, content, and experience into our typical two-day format while ensuring that every critical topic gets proper attention.

But the most vital part of our training format is our personal approach that goes beyond the course outline. Our small class sizes allow each instructor to tailor the course to address students’ individual needs, concerns, and experience levels. Our instructors deliver content with hands-on exercises, demonstrations, role-playing, visuals, and case study discussions.

Students also receive reference materials in simple laminated charts, instructor notes, or course manuals to help them continue to use what they learn. For most courses, students or supervisors can purchase optional study guides for testing or further reference.

Testing & Certification

Our optional ATMT® testing and certification sets the standard for measuring maintenance worker knowledge. Employers can use it to assess training needs prior to training,measure training outcomes, or as documentation for a qualified electrical worker program or other internal safety/training program. Individuals use our testing and certification to demonstrate knowledge to a current or potential employer.

These exams are not designed to only test knowledge learned in a TPC Training course! Created as a standalone product to be used with or without out training courses, these exams are slightly broader in theoretical scope and require self-study. We recommend students review the associated study guide before taking an exam.

Our exams can be done online or on paper. The paper exam can be taken in a proctored or non-proctored setting. If you are interested in taking the paper test in a proctored setting, a manager or supervisor at your company must apply to become a proctor with TPC Training. Please contact the Testing Department for more information on the proctor application process.


TPC Training Customers
$19 for online testing, $39 for paper testing

General Public & Non-Customers
$49 for online testing, $79 for paper testing

There is no charge for proctor authorization.

Payment for exams is due prior to taking the test. Purchase orders will be accepted for past customers and those who are purchasing tests in coordination with training. All others must prepay in advance by credit card. We currently only accept payment over the phone. You will receive a free PDF version of the topic study guide with the purchase of that topic’s exam. Printed study guides are available for $20 each, plus shipping charges.


Available Tests

ATMT testing and certification is currently available for the following topics:
2017 National Electrical Code
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Basic Electricity
Boiler Operation & Maintenance
Electrical Schematics*
Electrical Troubleshooting
Electrical Safety
Generators & Emergency Power
HVAC Controls*
Troubleshooting Hydraulics*
Industrial Pumps
Instrumentation & Process Measurement*
Electric Motors*
Programmable Logic Controllers
Variable Frequency Drives

*Testing for these topics is available, but study guides are not. The questions in these exams follow closely with our public courses and are best taken following training.

A detailed guide to our testing and certification program can be found here.

We also offer the EPA 608 Technician Certification Exam for students in our Air Conditioning & Refrigeration course and non-customers.

For more information on our testing program, including proctorship and study guides:
Testing Department - Naomi Yencich
Direct Line: 303-867-5035


Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Upon completion of this course, the student will receive a three-star certification of completion showing 8 classroom hours (.8 TPC Training CEUs) per day attended. Most employers and many government agencies accept TPC Training CEUs to fulfill their continuing education requirements.

If an attendee needs CEUs to renew a STATE LICENSE, please contact the Testing Department before registering to ensure the appropriate state licensing board has approved the course for continuing education. We may require additional information, such as the licensee’s license number or home address, to be able to submit their hours to the state.

If the licensee’s state licensing board does not currently accept this training toward license renewal, we are happy to submit an application for approval as long as we have received the request at least one month before the training date. We will stay in close communication with the licensee up to the training date to make sure either the course is approved before attending or they transfer out of the class without penalty.

For more information:
Testing Department - Naomi Yencich
Direct Line: 303-867-5035


No Risk Registration & Money Back Guarantee

No-Risk Registration

Not sure whether you or your employees will be able to attend an upcoming class? You can reserve your space in the class without risk. While payment is due prior to the start of the class, there is no penalty for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance of the class start time.

You can also choose the “Pay by Invoice” option at registration to make it even easier to finalize your plans later.

Not sure which employees you’ll send for training? You can also freely make substitutions among attendees up to the time of the class.

Note that you must provide notice of cancellation in order to receive a refund or to cancel the invoice. Just call us at 877-978-7246 6:30AM-5:00PM MST to notify us.


Money-Back Guarantee

The best testimonial to the quality of our classes is our repeat business — more than 40% of our registrations come from past customers. We’re confident enough in the strength of our industrial training to offer a Money Back Guarantee.

In the rare event that you are unsatisfied with the value of our training after attending a class, simplify notify us in writing at We’ll promptly refund your payment.


International and Overseas

Please note that our Guarantee does not apply to international or overseas registrations. Payment for international and overseas students must be made prior to the start of the class, in U.S. dollars, and all class fees are non-refundable. Student substitutions can be freely made at any time prior to the start of the class.

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