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  • Risk Management

Providing insights and data beyond simple completion rates

Keeping your teams’ safety training up to date and tracking results is a massive undertaking for safety and human resources managers. Without a good system for keeping your records organized and up to date, it’s easy to fall out of compliance.

OSHA 10- and 30-Hour with OSHA DOL Card

Encompassing construction and general industry, these OSHA-Authorized courses meet the requirements for OSHA safety training. Available in 10- and 30-Hour courses for entry-level workers and those in safety-oriented roles, these online courses are an easy way to fulfill this requirement. Includes OSHA DOL Card and is available in English and Spanish.

Driver Safety

Driver safety and defensive driving courses include content related to identifying hazards, how people contribute to crashes, and how to safely navigate and share the road with other motorists.

A Variety of Safety Courses and Custom Training Programs

Offer customers a variety of safety and health training with relevant and consistent content. Our training can be delivered online or in-person with best-in-class tracking and testing capabilities. We also offer a wide range of Continuing Education courses in multiple industries.


FUSION, a TPC Solution

TPC’s workforce management platform, FUSION, integrates our online training course library into a centralized location where you can administer, track, report, and assess training and compliance for your customers’ remediation courses.

TPC FUSION Administrators can:

  • Assign, track, and report on training at one location or throughout the organization.
  • Create locations, assign local administrators, and register students.
  • Craft and track personalized training plans by individual or group.
  • View, edit, change assignment start and due dates, allow additional test attempts, and manually enter scores.
  • Generate, filter, view, print, and export administrative reports in real-time.

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