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Setting Up a Qualified Electrical Worker Program At Your Facility

OSHA and NFPA talk about setting up a qualified electrical worker program but what exactly does that mean? How do we get there? And what training is needed? TPC Trainco Electrical Instructor Mike Leitzel will guide you through setting up your own QEW program at your facility and answer your questions to keep your employees safe.

  • TPC iSchematic Features


An On-demand Hub of Component Information

Each iSchematic implementation is fully customized to the needs of each client. The core components consist of:

Client Portal:
Secure access to a web-based, mobile-compatible directory that breaks your facility’s systems and machines down to individual tasks or events, delivered as modules.

Our patented process converts static documentation to interactive sequences of events, allowing your workers to drill into specific actions or components, with detailed descriptions, animations, and images. Any instruction or component information can become part of a module.

Resource Library:
This searchable library contains videos, animations, descriptions, and symbols for more than two hundred machine components. You can add your own unique content to the library and customize its output.

Administrative Tools:
Ability to manage permissions and notifications, make and manage module updates, and download content.

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