Webinar on OSHA Violations

Life after an OSHA Citation: Turning a Black Mark into a Better Workplace

OSHA citations happen: the agency conducted 35,000 inspections in 2015 and cited 65,000 violations for a range of common hazards. The facilities that come back strongest from a citation are the ones that go beyond hazard correction to establish a culture of safe work practices.

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TPC iSchematic clients see immediate results.

What are the proven benefits of iSchematic?

Our clients have experienced dramatic results on multiple applications of iSchematic, including:

Reduced downtime through faster troubleshooting.
Nucor Steel reported a 47% reduction in downtime in their mill bending systems after the implementation of iSchematic, thanks to easier access to accurate sequence descriptions.
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Improved operational efficiency through enhanced facility maintenance.
Halliburton reported a 41% reduction in lost hours over a span of 1.5 million work hours by deploying iSchematic as a maintenance management tool.
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Faster onboarding and reduced capability gaps in training.
A major Saudi steel manufacturer reported positive ROI after just 4 months by deploying 38 iSchematic modules for facility-wide machine training.
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