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A convenient, pay as you go monthly plan for individuals
or teams of up to 20 users.
Featuring unlimited access to a curated selection of our 320+ best technical and safety lessons, post-lesson testing, progress reporting and OSHA 10 equivalent courses for an industry low price per user.

TPC Online Pro Features

One low monthly price per user

Cancel, add, or swap users at any time

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Free 7-day trial, no long term commitment

Post-lesson testing and tracking

Risk-free sign-up with no-hassle cancellation

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Select from Three Libraries

Safety OSHA 10 Compliant

Essential safety courses, including every required course for OSHA 10-Hour Training, including electrical safety, fall prevention, emergency planning, personal protective equipment, & more.

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$19 user/month


Every training topic needed to build a skilled technical workforce, from fundamentals to troubleshooting of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic equipment and more.

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$39 user/month



The full TPC Online Professional license gives you access to every lesson in our combined Technical and Safety libraries at 10% savings – for complete coverage at a great price.

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$55 user/month

"TPC Online™ courses have provided us a means for an aggressive 24 – 7 training plan, delivering all of the foundational technical skills our maintenance workforce needs in both the interactive web-based and matching student course manuals."

Artie L.
Skills Program Director, 
Pratt Industries