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HAZWOPER: Safety Data Sheets in HAZWOPER Environments

HAZWOPER: Safety Data Sheets in HAZWOPER Environments

Every chemical has different hazards. It is important that maintenance employees know how to protect themselves from these hazards, as well as what they should do in an emergency involving a chemical that they are working with.

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The answers to these and other important questions about hazardous chemicals can be found on the chemicals' Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The SDS is basically a guide for the safe use of a hazardous chemical. It provides information about handling, storing, transporting and working with the chemical safely. So it is important that employees know how the SDS is organized and where they can find important information on it.

TPC Training's online and safety video training on HAZWOPER: Safety Data Sheets educates employees about the Safety Data Sheets format and reviews how the information in an SDS can help them work safely with potentially hazardous chemicals.

Topics covered in this industrial safety course include:

– The importance of Safety Data Sheets when working with hazardous chemicals.
– The SDS's role in the Hazard Communication Standard.
– The advantages of the new SDS format.
– The four basic questions the SDS is designed to answer. What is the material and what – are its hazards? What should I do if a problem occurs? What precautions should I take – when working with this material?
– A review of the sections in the SDS.

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