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TPC iSchematic reduces your facility's equipment downtime by providing technicians with machine-specific information directly in the field.

Machine specific Troubleshooting

Industrial Machine Troubleshooting

iSchematic is an interactive job-support application that helps machine maintenance technicians troubleshoot industrial machines more efficiently by enabling them to quickly identify the active components within an event and isolate those that have failure symptoms.

The iSchematic Troubleshooting Process:

1) iSchematic breaks your machine down into its sequence of events. This helps your technicians understand the mechanical or electrical process that occurs during the machine’s operation. The machine events are listed on iSchematic’s Main Menu. 2) Choosing an event on the Main Menu will then direct technicians toward the correct schematic drawing that represents the active fluid properties for the selected event. Each active component is represented in its proper position.
3) Clicking on any component on the event schematic will bring up the component page that displays an actual photograph of that component. The part number, manufacturer, function, settings, as well as electrical and safety information are also given. 4) Each component page also includes a detailed animation that walks-through the correct function of the selected component. Your technicians now have the necessary tools to learn how to troubleshoot your facility’s equipment efficiently.

iSchematic Resource Library

The TPC iSchematic resource library contains valuable component-specific information that technicians use to learn how to troubleshoot equipment at your facility.

The searchable library connects your workforce to hundreds of machine component information technicians need to operate and troubleshoot:

– Electrical
– Hydraulic
– Mechanical
– Pneumatic
– Drive Components

TPC iSchematic Resource Library includes component-specific:

Symbols Video files
Safety information Component descriptions
Troubleshooting documents Download the Resource Library Fact Sheet.
TPC iSchematic utilizes machine-specific information that trains your technicians to become a master troubleshooter

Industrial Skills Development

TPC iSchematic utilizes machine-specific information that trains your technicians to become a master troubleshooter by capturing how a machine works from the most basic level to its complex sequence of events.

We achieve this by developing each technician's knowledge of the components and operating events of your specific equipment – from new hires to 20-year veterans. iSchematic presents essential maintenance information about your machine so your workforce can learn and build upon their skills.

Our approach contains facets that define the level of understanding a technician possesses. Workers start with awareness, build to comprehension, advance to skilled, and end in mastery.

Only TPC iSchematic can systematically develop your maintenance technicians' troubleshooting skills:

Awareness: iSchematic breaks each machine down to its individual components, which gives your technician access to general information about each component, including an animation illustrating how it operates. Comprehension: iSchematic builds on a technician's awareness by describing how the component functions within the machine. Workers understand how the component is energized, specific fluid movement, and its effect on other components.
Skilled: iSchematic displays the fluid flow for every event within your machine. Your technicians can follow the dedicated lines to trace potential failures within the system. Mastery: iSchematic Online and Modules foster a high level of machine understanding by positioning these stages within a revolutionary and easy-to-use-tool which enables your technicians to become effective troubleshooters.
Industrial Maintenance Skills Training

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