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  • Safety Management System for Safety Managers

Easily manage workforce safety concerns and incidents from across the facility and company-wide using Mobile Forms

TPC’s Safety Management System enables safety managers to track potential safety threats facility-wide. The system displays data on desktop and mobile formats making safety deficiencies easy to record, spot, and address. Eliminate inefficient paper forms and reduce error rates on logged safety incidents with TPC’s safety management system using mobile forms.

Our Safety Management Software Features:

    • Automate delegation of PM tasks
    • Enable operators/technicians to easily log readings and indicate task completion
    • Collect data, photos, GPS, and signatures
    • Easily identify trends with unique Multiview
    • Online/offline functionality
    • Real time system updates

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Safety Audits Using Mobile Forms

The TPC Safety Management System empowers you to locate potential threats while giving you the toolset to track and monitor remediation solutions. TPC’s solution gives your safety team error-free documentation of safety and EHS audits.


Managing facility-wide safety deficiencies from a centralized dashboard is an invaluable tool for safety managers..


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