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Online Simulation Training for Maintenance Professionals

An investment in a properly trained maintenance team will pay dividends when electrical equipment fails. Save hours of downtime and thousands in labor costs by having a well-trained maintenance team. TPC's electrical troubleshooting simulations offer an immersive environment to prepare your maintenance workers to diagnose and resolve issues quickly on the factory floor.

Our Cloud-based Simulation Training

Our simulation training programs teach your team to quickly diagnose and safely repair electrical problems so you can get your facility up and running again as soon as possible.

The Need for Electrical Training and Troubleshooting

Properly trained maintenance personnel is a must, especially for industries in which mechanical complexity has been steadily advancing. As a generation of workplace professionals continue to retire, it’s crucial that the skill set required to efficiently and safely work on live equipment is developed in the new labor force.

TPC’s electrical training and troubleshooting simulation curriculum is designed specifically to meet this demand and to ensure an effective, convenient training solution is available for employees and employers alike.

Online simulation training systems allow for real-time reporting on employee performance, providing full visibility into the learning process and making it easy to manage large numbers of trainees.

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Why Choose TPC for Electrical Troubleshooting Simulations?

TPC online electrical troubleshooting simulations replicate a real-world environment in which workers can train. Our simulations teach a diverse skill set that is applicable to a wide variety of industries including automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, plastics and packaging, education and more. There are multiple advantages to utilizing our simulation-based training curriculum.

Immersive and Adaptive Learning

Our simulation training immerses workers in real-world scenarios where skill levels are assessed and content customized to keep users challenged and moving forward.


We use visual animations to add clarity so concepts are easier to understand, internalize, and replicate. Our interface shares many of the same features as gaming software, such as immediate feedback, instant scoring, and progressive levels of difficulty.

Quantifiable Training

Our simulators track, analyze, and report valuable training data while utilizing a scoring system that's been proven effective in helping learners measure success and overall achievement.

Cost Efficiency

Our computer simulations are far more cost efficient than physical simulators that use expensive
and high-maintenance


Computer simulations give students the freedom to succeed and fail, to experiment through trial and error, and learn high-risk skills all in an entirely safe environment.

Electrical Troubleshooting eBook

5 Key Advantages of Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Training

In this eBook, discover the reasons why companies like yours invest in simulation-based training to build expert troubleshooting skills. No matter how skilled your team is, they can benefit from this type of training. Whether they need to learn troubleshooting theory to reduce parts waste or develop knowledge and skills from scratch, simulations are a key way for your team to gain experience and knowledge while your lines keep running. This type of training is engaging and interactive, making it fun for your team to adopt.

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The Takeaway

Providing an immersive, interactive simulation learning experience is not only proven to increase knowledge retention in employees, it allows hard working professionals easy access to the education that will save your company from unnecessary downtime and its associated financial losses.

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