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  • OSHA Safety Training: Courses Available as Self-guided or Instructor-led

This critical safety training is required by many municipalities, regulatory bodies, and employers, and there's no doubt why: these safety training courses cover basics and specifics to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands how they can positively impact safety in the workplace.

TPC offers OSHA 10- and 30-Hour safety training for construction and general industry in several learning formats to enhance compliance and meet every employee where they are. Whether they're brand new to the industry or company or an experienced worker at the site, they'll learn how to successfully identify and avoid safety hazards in these courses.

Online OSHA Training

Your team learns whenever they can, impacting productivity as little as possible. Each team member can walk through the material at their own pace, with the ability to stop and start without losing progress. These self-guided courses are administered via our learning management system (LMS), FUSION, or your in-house LMS. Every team member who successfully completes their OSHA safety training will receive an OSHA DOL card.

Live, Instructor-led OSHA Training

Learn with a live instructor either in person or virtually. Our team of experienced instructors have formal education in OSHA and have hands-on safety skills experience. With our instructor-led training option, part of the 30-hour course is composed of topics each employer chooses for their group of trainees. Much like with our fully online versions of these safety training courses, all successful course completers earn their OSHA DOL card.

Learn from our instructors with the following courses:

These safety courses meet all of the requirements set forth by OSHA for this type of training course.

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OSHA 10- and 30-Hour for General Industry

10-Hour: Perfect for non-manager personnel, with all the safety best practices needed in environments unrelated to construction. We recommend this general industry course for those in industries such as: healthcare, warehousing, manufacturing, or factory employees.

30-Hour: For those who manage safety or personnel, this longer course includes additional safety management topics and the topics included in the 10-Hour course.

OSHA 10- and 30-Hour for Construction

10-Hour: Entry-level construction workers thrive after completing this training course. It's designed specifically for those in construction-related industries due to the additional dangers of working in these fields. This version includes specific regulations and requirements that OSHA has put in place for workers in construction, building development, and demolition.

30-Hour: This course helps construction managers and foremen understand how to promote a safe work environment on the construction site. It includes safety and hazard avoidance topics as well as those covered in the 10-Hour course.