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  • HVAC Cooling Simulation for All Skill Levels

Upskill your workforce with TPC's new HVAC Cooling Simulation

Designed to improve existing skills and jump-start knowledge and skills for those just starting out as HVAC or multi-craft technicians.

TPC Simulations allow learners to practice on common components with all the tools normally in their toolboxes. This type of training not only allows your team to learn in a virtual environment, but it also gives managers insights into performance with data visualization and reporting available in the admin dashboard of FUSION, TPC's learning management system. HVAC simulations may also be accessed via your own LMS.

This simulation covers these main topics:

HVAC Safety

Important safety considerations including PPE and shock, arc flash, and HVAC-specific topics like refrigerant and cylinder handling.

Exploring HVAC Systems

Introducing the four main components in HVAC units with an understanding of the basic principles of heat transfer and the compression cycle.

Common HVAC Procedures

The common procedures used in HVAC repairs, through a combination of videos, questions, and interactive activities throughout the virtual environment.

Troubleshooting HVAC Systems Fundamentals

TPC's 5-step systematic troubleshooting process is applied to a series of guided faults, preparing users to solve HVAC system problems safely, quickly, and effectively.

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