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  • Chemical Engineering Training Solutions

• • • The chemical processing industry encompasses any process in which raw materials undergo chemical conversion. Chemical processing has a wide range of applications, from consumer goods manufacturing to petrochemical processes. As a total workforce management solution, TPC serves as a supportive training, performance, and compliance partner for the chemical processing industry.

Self-guided online chemical industry courses

Chemical Processing Training Online Courses

Chemical Processing Industry Online Training Courses

At TPC, we understand transporting employees off-site for training is an expensive proposition that can disrupt your facility's operations. Also, tracking and reporting on training progress over time can be difficult when workers are learning in a classroom. TPC’s comprehensive catalog of self-guided online courses for school facilities is an impactful, consistent, and trackable training solution chemical processing facilities rely on.

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TPC’s Troubleshooting Simulations augments TPC’s existing chemical processing training methodologies and can be used to improve training outcomes for subject areas as diverse as ammonia refrigeration basics, industrial safety and health, and basic electricity and electronics. Online Troubleshooting Simulations provide employees with the opportunity to practice newly taught skills immediately, improving long-term knowledge retention and skill mastery. Practicing in a virtual environment reduces the risk of equipment damage, injury, or production downtime during training.

Some chemical processing topics covered here include:

HAZWOPER: Understanding Chemical Hazards GHS Container Labeling
Hazard Communication in Industrial Facilities Wastewater Treatment Processes
Confined Space Entry Nonmetals in the Plant
Host training at your facility with a TPC instructor

Chemical Processing Training On-Site Training

TPC offers on-site chemical processing training, allowing trainees to gain hands-on experience with the tools and processes your facility uses. Flexible and scalable for multiple shifts and large groups, on-site training combines the knowledge retention gains of live training with the ability for workers to learn in their environment.

Why choose On-site training

Cost Savings — If you have a group of employees in need of training on a given topic, an On-site may be a more cost-effective option. You can also save time and travel costs by keeping workers onsite. Customized Content — The instructor can tailor the seminar to the specific needs of your facility, including discussion of your specific equipment
Flexibility — Our training can accommodate multiple shifts and different start and end times Best Results — On-site training combines the knowledge retention gains of live training with the ability for workers to learn in their own environment, resulting in the best skills gain for your workforce.
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Chemical Processing Industry Public Seminars & Virtual, Instructor-Led Training

If self-guided online or on-site training doesn’t fit your chemical processing training needs, TPC offers two-day public seminars and virtual, instructor-led training courses. Each two-day seminar focuses on discussions, activities, and real-world examples to provide all participants with the knowledge they need to perform their tasks safely and efficiently.

TPC’s virtual, instructor-led training option provides your employees with the opportunity to connect to a live classroom seminar virtually with an on-site experience and the convenience of remote access.

Live Instructor-Led Options for Chemical Facilities:

Basic Electricity and Electronics PLC Programming Workshop
Pump Repair and Maintenance Arc Flash Electrical Safety NFPA 70E with Certification
Pumps and Pump Systems Specification, Installation, and Operation Boiler Operation Maintenance & Safety
Consult with TPC for customized chemical processing training and documentation solutions

Chemical Processing Industry Training Consulting Services

Does your facility require specialized chemical engineering training? TPC will work with you to design process-specific training seminars that reflect your facility’s unique needs. Our experienced team will develop a chemical processing curriculum for your employees and facility.

TPC's Workforce Management Consultants can help develop customized:

Program Audits Incumbent Gap Analysis (Knowledge and/or Skills)
Job Task Analysis Documentation Services
On-Site Classroom Instruction Operations, Maintenance, Safety, and Administrative Procedure Development
Chemical processing workforce management software

Chemical Processing Performance and Compliance Management Solutions

Our EHS Workforce Management Solutions are designed to help you manage your chemical processing facility operations and EHS challenges. Free up valuable resources needed for analysis, tracking, and compliance while streamlining your recordkeeping with our software systems:

Remain compliant with industry standards and regulations Simplify your worker safety management
Streamline incident reports Easily track skills and safety training and verifications
Industrial Maintenance Skills Training

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