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  • Meet the Authors & Experts

TPC is the industry leader in technical skills training, with courses that enhance maintenance, safety, and troubleshooting skills. For decades, our clients have relied upon us to help upskill their workforce, improve uptime, and optimize operations.

In addition to our self-directed online and instructor-led training courses, we offer a free webinar series, informative blog posts, and other content related to our core training topics: electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plant management, and safety.

Meet Our Instructor Advisory Board

With over 80 combined years of experience in their fields, our instructor advisory board puts their real-world experience to the task when they work with learners of all levels. They make the material approachable during each class session, but they also act as our technical knowledge base when we create course content and other documentation. In addition to this panel, quite a few of our other technical instructors assist in course content creation and review. In short, we bring in the technical experts who are the best fit for each course to ensure that our training courses are accurate, accessible, and relevant to those who take the courses.

Robert Clukey

Robert Clukey — Electrical Instructor

Throughout his over 15 years of experience as an instructor at TPC and many more years working in the field, Bob Clukey has leveraged his skills as a Master Electrician and his education degree to make electrical topics approachable for learners of all levels. Bob still works in the electrical field while teaching at TPC. Bob helps develop quite a few of our electrical courses, including the NEC and NFPA 70E Arc Flash Electrical Safety courses, plus customized courses for many clients. He teaches a wide variety of courses at TPC, including every single electrical topic that TPC offers as instructor-led training. Read more about Bob.

Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers — Electrical & Safety Instructor

Mike is a Colorado Journeyman electrician with a certification in teaching OSHA 10- and 30-Hour safety training for construction. With experience ranging from roofing, plumbing, and pipefitting prior to starting his electrical apprenticeship, Mike teaches all of TPC's electrical instructor-led training topics except PLC and VFD courses and previously taught plumbing and pipefitting. Recently, he added OSHA 10- and 30-Hour for construction to his repertoire. A 20-year veteran teacher, Mike consults on many of our training courses during their development. Learn more about Mike.

Gregg Sutton

Gregg Sutton — Electrical Instructor

With 20 years of experience working in the electrical field, and after years of experience teaching at a vocational technology school, this Master Electrician joined TPC in 2014 to transition to teaching full-time. He teaches many of our electrical instructor-led training courses and is an advisor to our content creators, helping ensure our course content is accurate and engaging. Learn more about Gregg.

John Jacobs

John Jacobs — Mechanical Instructor

John teaches a wide variety of TPC's instructor-led courses, all related to his 45 years working in industrial maintenance in multiple industries. In addition to his technical experience as a pumps & HVAC technician, he has decades of experience as a certified instructor while working in the field and in the military. John finds satisfaction passing along the knowledge he gained in the real world and has a special interest in the physics involved in the main topics he teaches. He is our technical resource and expert for mechanical course development.

Meet Our Product Advisory Board

Our Product Advisory Board is the team who ensures our training offerings fulfill any related regulatory body requirements, fit the needs of our customers, and comply with our internal standards.

Matthew Wright

Matthew Wright — Workplace Safety

Matthew started his career in educational publishing, with a focus on adult learners. He holds an accreditation for online learning from the National Association for Developmental Education (now known as National Organization for Student Success). As our Workplace Safety product manager, he helps to shape our online courses with a personal goal of positively impacting the wellbeing and safety of employees in all types of organizations, ultimately helping to save lives. An editor at heart, he works hard to infuse our workplace safety courses with multimedia and interactive options to give learners the experience of working with realistic scenarios such as responding to emergencies.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith — Technical Skills Training

Ryan is an engineer by trade and has been in the industry for over 15 years. Ryan has worked at TPC since 2015, serving as a technical instructor, product manager, consultant, content developer, and solutions engineer. He sees great value in translating highly technical concepts and breaking them down for all to understand. Ryan is a frequent host and contributor to our free webinars, which you can find at

Chelsea Breeze

Chelsea Breeze — IACET compliance

Chelsea is our Accreditations Manager and manages the IACET program. She is responsible for ensuring our online courses comply with IACET standards, through which we can offer CEUs for self-guided, online training courses. She believes in online training, since it levels the field and enables those who might not live in populous areas to get the education they deserve without needing to invest the time and money into traveling to training courses.

Our Process

Our goal is to provide the best possible training materials, blog posts, webinars, and other content to our audiences. We leverage our Instructor and Product Advisory Boards to ensure that we're using technically correct language and to accurately represent what learners will expect to encounter during each training course.

Our content team crafts each piece with care, and many others are involved in creating our courses and other content that you'll see represented below. We employ instructional design experts, graphic and video designers, voiceover artists; what learners experience when interacting with our online courses is the sum of many experts' collaboration. Most importantly, we take the time to update our courses as regulatory bodies release new rules and requirements.

Meet Our Content Creators

Amber Verbeke

Amber Verbeke — Technical Course Content

Amber Verbeke is the Senior Production Editor and chief content caretaker. She joined the TPC content team in 1996 and has never looked back. Throughout her tenure with TPC, Amber has collaborated with many amazing editors and graphic designers all with a passion for the work they do and the products they create. Teaching new skills and improving workplace safety is rewarding beyond measure.

Jess Schmidt

Jess Schmidt — Marketing Content

With over a decade of experience in marketing and a background in technical writing for material handling automation, Jess curates and creates digital and print content, leaning on her technical chops and our advisory panels to create accurate and helpful content across our various platforms as Certus' Enterprise Content Marketing Manager. Jess holds a bachelor's degree in English literature, creative writing, and German literature. When she's not creating & curating content, she is an active member of the local performing arts community, which helps fuel creativity when she's at her desk.

Connect with Our Team

Our team is ready to help you understand your training needs and how we can help your company succeed. Reach out to a member of our team here. We look forward to serving your technical training, performance, and compliance needs.