• Qualified Electrical Worker Program & Curriculum

TPC's Qualified Electrical Worker Program ensures your workers have the skills and training to work safely in situations that involve electrical hazards.

Regulations state that work on electrical equipment or circuits that are energized to at least 50 volts must be performed by a qualified electrical worker.

Train your Electrical Workers Quickly

TPC's QEW program of courses, learning labs, troubleshooting simulations, and on-the-job assessments establishes an ongoing training plan that addresses the construction, operation, and hazards associated with electrical troubleshooting and maintenance.



Curriculum Includes:

30 TPC Digital Skills-based Courses
4 Learning Labs
5 Troubleshooting Simulations
Mobile On-the-Job Assessments
Access: 2 years   |   TPC Catalog #: 750QEWUL

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    The TPC QEW Curriculum is designed as a multi-credential progression of recommended digital training courses and simulations that can be completed over the course of 2 years.

    Use TPC Mobile Skills Verifications to measure and validate learning at the end of each step.

    TPC's Qualified Electrical Worker Program advances trainees through the following steps for complete coverage that limits OSHA exposure:

    Step 1 – Industrial Safety
      • 32 Total Hours
      • 4 Digital Courses
      • 1 Simulation Learning Lab
      • Optional OSHA 10 General Industry Training
    Step 2 – Basic Electricity & Controls
      • 60 Total Hours
      • 5 Digital Courses
      • 1 Simulation Learning Lab
      • 1 Troubleshooting Simulation
    Step 3 – Advanced Electricity & Controls
      • 40 Total Hours
      • 3 Digital Courses
      • Troubleshooting Simulations for all Levels
    Step 4 – Specialization Paths
      • Power Generation Technician - 20 Hours
      • Motor Controls Technician - 60 Hours
      • PLC Controls Technician - 90 Hours
      • Multi-Craft Technician - 70 Hours

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