• Online Electrical Simulation Training for Maintenance Professionals

TPC's electrical simulations cover a wide range of challenges and prepare your teams for real-life electrical maintenance and troubleshooting situations.

Our simulations recreate common electrical faults, errors, and malfunctions to allow your technicians to learn electrical troubleshooting by practicing it in a controlled, simulated environment.

  • Practice making repairs using the same parts and equipment used every day.
  • Learn a systematic troubleshooting approach.
  • Get your team using the same lingo and same processes so they can complete repairs more easily.

Just like the other categories of TPC Simulations, these learning offerings are 100% online and available when and where your team needs to learn.

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Electrical Simulations Overview


Electrical Circuits

Users receive hands-on training on a basic lighting circuit covering key troubleshooting techniques where they practice, diagnose, and repair a variety of problems. The simulation explores common problems involving fuses, relays, pushbuttons, lights, as well as wiring issues.

Control Circuits

Learners encounter a range of malfunctions found in typical control circuits. The circuit introduces the user to cascading relay logic and in addition to the components used in previous modules, introduces new components such as transformers, solenoids, and proximity switches.

Motor Circuits

The industrial garage door simulation included in this module introduces components such as a three-phase motor, contractors, overload relay, as well as limit and safety switches. Users troubleshoot a wide variety of faults in the three-phase power circuit and the control circuit.


Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 1

This simulation involves a fluid processing system often found in industrial and manufacturing settings. Here your professionals diagnose, and repair faults commonly found in systems involving the heating, pumping, and mixing of multiple liquids in a batch process.

Troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers 1

The simulation enables workers to view, download, run, and test ladder logic programs within the simulation and learn the basics of troubleshooting circuits controlled by PLC ladder programs.

Troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers 2

The second of three simulations designed to provide all the information and techniques necessary to troubleshoot systems that include PLCs. This intermediate-level simulation builds on the basic PLC circuit by adding sequential logic to the programming, so that outputs are controlled by a specific sequence of input events.

Troubleshooting Programmable Logic Controllers 3

This simulation builds on the two previous modules and incorporates a process control so that the PLC circuit will run different processes depending upon the program running in the PLC.

Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2

Building on the first simulation, Troubleshooting Industrial Controls 2 helps maintenance workers practice the skills they need to safely repair systems involving complex industrial control systems involving PLC's.

Troubleshooting Variable Frequency Drives

Troubleshooting Variable Frequency Drives gives your professionals the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot VFDs safely, accurately and efficiently. The simulation comprises a basic sawmill operation in which VFDs control the saw and carriage motors.

Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors

Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors is an advanced simulation, involving PLC control with the addition of analog sensors. Set in a greenhouse environment, these sensors are used to monitor temperature, humidity and light in real time.


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