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  • Troubleshooting Topics and Simulations

Quickly Level-up your Workforce with Hands-on Simulation Training

Quick and efficient electrical troubleshooting is the key to minimizing production downtime. The TPC troubleshooting simulation collection allows for hands-on adaptive learning while providing immediate feedback and quantifiable training—all within realistic situations.  

Learn about the various TPC troubleshooting simulations below to determine which are right for your employees and clients. 


Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits 

This foundational troubleshooting simulation teaches how to diagnose and repair a variety of electrical circuit faults. This training simulation features circuits consisting of wiring, lights, relays, switches and pushbuttons to promote skills crucial for troubleshooting in manufacturing production lines, petrochemical facilities, utilities and mining sectors, and other industrial settings.  

Troubleshooting Control Circuits

Further sharpen the core skills needed to prevent production downtime by exploring faults with relays, pushbuttons, control transformers, solenoid locks, proximity switches, and circuit protection in a safe, immersive online environment.

Troubleshooting Motor Circuits

This TPC simulation focuses on an industrial garage door circuit, teaching students how to diagnose and repair multiple faults to hone their skills at troubleshooting motor circuits and motor circuit components.  

Troubleshooting PLC Circuits

Delivered in three separate simulations, each one builds on the previous to help the students diagnosis and troubleshoot common PLC faults.

Troubleshooting Industrial Controls

Delivered in two separate simulations, Part 1 introduces batch processing troubleshooting using electro-mechanical control while Part 2 adds PLC control troubleshooting to the scene.

Troubleshooting VFDs

Develop knowledge and skills to troubleshoot variable frequency drives safely, accurately and efficiently. In this simulation incorporating two variable drives, students diagnose and solve electro-mechanical faults and verify proper VFD operation.

Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors

In a typical greenhouse environment, this module teaches the student how to troubleshoot analog sensors and transducers using the 4 – 20 mA current loop. The greenhouse offers control of light, temperature, and humidity.


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