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Give your students a head start on a rewarding technical career with simulation-based trainings

Simulation-based learning is found across many industries. Not just for training pilots and surgeons, simulations are key in helping future members of the trades learn new skills and discover any aptitudes they may have for technical work.

TPC Simulations offers an immersive, 3D environment for learning to solve faults and troubleshoot components used in industrial settings.

Core Education Simulations: Created for vocational technology teachers – and their students

Core Education Simulations accompany your curriculum and are designed to engage and challenge students while providing an asynchronous, safe learning environment. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Education prompted their recommendation for using asynchronous learning for better educational outcomes.

Core Education Classroom

Created with high school and technical school students in mind, this set of simulations:

  • Provide hands-on vocational curriculum
  • Give students the opportunity to attempt fault recovery with no risk to health, safety, or components
  • Great for homework! These cloud-based simulations allow learning to be completed asynchronously, so students can do work on their own time wherever they have an internet connection.
  • Rather than tying learning to a location or a time of day, TPC Simulations are available 24/7/365 online.
  • Help to recruit new students to the program: they can learn valuable and monetizable skills prior to paying for trade school. Plus, once students get their hands on these interactive environments, they will want to stay in your program.
  • Gamification and scoring keeps students engaged, and vo-tech teachers benefit from instant progress and grading via the Simulations dashboard.
  • Grading and progress is provided for breakdowns as small as the individual fault level, allowing teachers to hone in on what students do not understand and guide them towards the solutions they are missing.

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Core Education Simulations includes these TPC Simulations modules:

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits (TEC)

Troubleshooting Control Circuits (TCC)

Troubleshooting Motor Circuits (TMC)

Core Education Simulations include the following TPC Learning Labs:

TEC Learning Lab

TCC Learning Lab

TMC Learning Lab

Safety Learning Lab

"Our students find learning with TPC Simulations to be very beneficial. They appreciate seeing the progress they get and seeing efficiency go up in their troubleshooting. They like being able to apply it to a variety of manufacturing equipment with similar components. After working with the simulations, our students troubleshoot with much more competence."

- Tim Tewalt, Program Director — Mechatronics Programs at Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, WI