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Paulson's Plastic Simulations are a game-changer for injection molders. Paulson's training is the first of its kind, teaching workers how to improve specific conditions inside the mold: temperature, flow rate, pressure, and cooling. This novel approach to injection molding puts the spotlight on physics and how its laws impact these conditions.

Using plastic simulations helps new employees gain skills and gives experienced team members an opportunity to practice, all within a virtual environment. Learn to address common challenges within the mold: burn and sink marks, weld lines, dimensional variations, voids, warm, flash, and short shots.


Paulson Plastics Simulations

Learning labs include:


Practice with guided labs and master key concepts so your team can apply their new injection molding skills and knowledge to their work immediately.

Discovery Labs

For advanced users, these labs cover complex scenarios that injection molders often encounter at work and help learners to gain troubleshooting skills.

Plastics Simulations are a Better Way to Learn

  • Run 10 practice cycles instead of just 1: Simulations are efficient and allow learners to run 10 cycles in the time it takes to run a single cycle on live equipment.
  • Controls adjustments happen immediately.
  • Simulation-based learning teaches skills faster than traditional on-the-job training.
  • Test out Paulson online or instructor-led training content via simulations to cement knowledge with practice.
  • Learners see for themselves how the science works in real-world applications when they practice with simulations.

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