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Manage contractor safety documents and qualifications, assign site-specific safety orientation, and control access at your facilities with safety certification photo ID cards.

– Effort required from your company resources…zero.


TPC's Contractor management software allows a host company to collect and maintain safety qualification standards for contractor companies—completely online. Qualified contractor companies register employees they plan to send to host company sites. Registered employees complete online, line-of-business-specific and site-specific safety orientation (as required by OSHA).

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EHS Contractor Management Safety - Key Features

Orientation Training

Deliver and track required safety orientation for contractors, contractors’ employees, contractor’s agents, and sub-contractors before arriving and beginning work at a host company site.

Access Management

Once orientation is complete, contractors receive an ID card which can be used to gain access to host company worksites - even track contractor time while on a host company site.

Contractor Qualification

Qualified contractors register online and are qualified through a web-based safety qualification assessment.

Worker Record Management

The system provides a central place to manage, maintain and document complete contractor records including credentials, certifications, insurance, trainings, photo ID, worksite access, background and drug screens.

Document & Task Management

Ability to send policies and procedures to contractors to inform them of safety standards, and a repository for training, program and SOP documentation.

Automatic Notifications

Receive automatic notifications of expiration dates, recertification, resubmission, or site access denied. Host company receives links to qualification or disqualification report, and contractor company Plan of Action (if submitted).

Reporting & Dashboards.

Real-time access to analytics and all the necessary reporting in the event of a corporate compliance issue, Regulatory Agency investigation, or legal action.


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