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  • Virtual or In-person Private Group Training

Most of our instructor-led training courses are available for group virtual or on-site private training

Let our instructors train your employees in-person or virtually

TPC Training conducts hundreds of group training classes at customer facilities or virtually every year. Most of the training seminars in our Course Catalog can be held via remote access or on-site, with the same expert instructors. To arrange a group training or request more information, complete the form on this page, or email us at

Our instructors also can train your employees live through an online web connection

If your company needs to have a large number of employees trained on one topic through a virtual link, we can help. This type of training is in a Virtual Instructor-led format, allowing teams in multiple facilities to join live training via a web connection. This is an excellent option for teams that are working from home, overseas facilities, and geographically dispersed teams. To arrange virtual training, complete the form to the right or email us at


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Why Choose Group Training vs. Public Seminars?

Less Lecture – All of our courses deliver targeted training tasks relevant to daily work.

Cost Savings – If you have a group of employees in need of training on a given topic, an in-person class may be a more cost-effective option. You can also save time and travel costs by keeping workers onsite.

Flexibility – Our courses can accommodate multiple shifts and different start and end times.

Scale – The larger the group, the more you save. In-person or virtual private group training is the most efficient way to get a full team trained up quickly.

Best Results – In-person or virtual private group training combines the knowledge retention gains of live training with the ability for workers to learn in their own environment, resulting in the best skills gain for your workforce.


Complete the form to receive a no-obligation quote for protected in-person on-site or virtual private training, or email us at

We also offer block purchases for our public seminars – ideal for teams that need training on a bigger variety of topics over time.


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Specialty Virtual or In-person Private Group Training Courses

In addition to offering all of our regular courses as on-site, we also conduct several specialty courses that are only available as virtual or protected in-person on-site private training courses.