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  • Employee Safety Management & Training Tracking Software

Verify Compliance With Intuitive, Site-Specific EHS Management Software

Make sure your workforce never falls out of compliance with TPC’s advanced employee management software, powered by TPC Fusion. From one simple-to-use central interface, you can deliver workplace and position-specific training courses to your employees, monitor progress, and measure effectiveness.


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TPC EHS Software Features

Program Management

Easily input safety program documents and related tasks, then push them out to an individual, group of individuals, site, multiple sites, or all sites.

Site Training

In facilitated classroom mode, workers will be able to complete site-specific workplace safety training online or off. Completion progress can be tracked through real-time reports to help ensure compliance.

Mobile Safety Inspections

Through Mobile Audit & Inspections, managers will be able to inspect and audit site safety, work quality, performance, and training effectiveness. Real-time data can be collected and stored, making it easy to identify deficiencies, correct them, and automatically document their resolution.

Certifications and Credentials

The Worker Qualification database keeps track of all necessary credentials and certifications earned by workers, allowing you to fully manage your safety and job-specific training programs.

Qualified Training Content

TPC provides access to a vast library of safety content including OSHA 10- and 30-Hour. Maintain regulatory compliance, employee morale, and well-being, while improving productivity.

OSHA Compliance

Deliver OSHA training and certification for workers and ensure only trained and approved individuals gain access to appropriate worksites — and you’ll know exactly who is on site at any point in time, fulfilling the OSHA mandate.

The Employee Safety & Performance System combines our comprehensive best-in-class safety training content with safety program and credential management, access control, mobile inspections, and analytics.

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