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  • Incident Management Software

Enhance workplace safety and improve safety performance by managing, tracking and investigating incidents and mitigating occupational risks.

Simple-to-use, flexible framework that standardizes incident management processes across an organization.

Improve workplace safety and safety performance by managing, tracking and analyzing information in order to mitigate incidents such as Fatalities, Injuries, Near misses, Accidents, Property Damage, Security Breaches and Environmental Spills.

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Incident Management Software - Key Features

Auto-Notification Management

Simple and flexible workflows allow for email notifications to be sent to appropriate parties, ensuring accountability and checks and balances.

Comply with Injury Reporting Regulations

Completion of incident forms will automatically identify whether an incident is OSHA recordable and/or reportable. OSHA 300 and 300A forms are automatically populated, and with additional systems integration, incident data can be sent directly to your insurance provider or Third-Party Administrator (TPA).

Report Incidents, Accidents, Injuries & Near Misses

Ensure incident and investigation information is centralized and easily accessible for reporting and analysis.

Any employee can submit an incident using a company-specific URL, encouraging timely reporting and establishment of reminders for supervisors or other personnel to review and submit reports.

System can also be utilized for other regulatory reporting such as DOT and EPA compliance, spill and release calculations, along with appropriate corrective action mitigation and remediation tasks.

Drive Completion of Corrective Tasks

Assign corrective and preventive action tasks to employees and track completion.

Reporting & Analytics

An incident dashboard shows data in real-time, summarizing key performance indicators that provide measurable and actionable business insight using predictive analytics to make proactive, well- informed business decisions. Dashboards and reports show incident performance metrics with filtering capabilities, coupled with access to tracking, notifications, auditing and reports—all from one central interface.

Training & Education

Reduce the risk of non- compliance and improve productivity through the suggestion & delivery of relevant training courses and curriculums as part of corrective action tasks.

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