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"The Future of Industrial Training: the New Digital Classroom"

About the Webinar:
At TPC Training Systems, we’ve been on the hunt for ways that our industrial skills training solutions can evolve to meet the needs of all of our customers, and we’ve learned some things in the process. In this webinar, we’ll share what we’ve learned and give you a preview of the future of industrial training.

You’ll learn about:
  • The best uses of webcast and simulcast training formats
  • The advantages of blended online and live training
  • Virtual reality (VR) training environments, including an exclusive sneak peek inside a VR simulation

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    • Training Needs Analysis

    Benchmark the knowledge levels of your maintenance workforce. We can help you identify and build the business case for a larger training investment with reliable return. TPC is the right place to start for companies taking their first step toward a safer and better trained workforce.

    Locate your skills gaps
    The training needs analysis survey is designed locate topic areas that will improve your workforces' technical knowledge and performance.

    Training Needs Analysis Survey

    TPC Training Systems provides a FREE, comprehensive Training Needs Analysis survey tool that covers hundreds of core knowledge areas for maintenance positions. The survey is divided into 13 sections, each of which represents a major subject area and can be completed in a couple of hours by a few members of your workforce. 

    As part of this effort, we will analyze the results and give you a detailed report of your core knowledge priorities, and identify specific TPC Technical Skills courses that cover those knowledge priorities. This enables your organization to have the essential core knowledge training component of your training program up and running in a short period of time.




    Knowledge and Skill Assessments

    Once you define your job knowledge and skill requirements, you need to know what knowledge and skills already exist so you can build on that foundation. We can create objective Knowledge Assessments that focus precisely on your core and plant-specific requirements for each job position. And the thousands of time-tested assessment items we already have in our database allow us to create your Knowledge Assessments quickly and cost-effectively.

    Our training consultants can also help you conduct hands-on Skill Assessments for every job position, and every critical skill. We can create detailed, easy-to-use Job Skill Checklists that you can use to evaluate skills according to your own criteria. We will even train your personnel in how to administer the Skill Assessments. Or we can administer the Skills Assessments ourselves and report the results to you.

    You can use TPC Online™ or TPC Learning Manager™ to administer your Knowledge Assessments and automatically compile detailed data and reports on your employees' assessment performance. You can also use both of these products to assign, track, and record your employee's Skill Assessment performance.


    Training Plan Development

    We can help you integrate the Level One and Two Analysis, and the Job Knowledge and Skill Assessments into a comprehensive Training Plan that identifies all of your workforce training and development needs. This will provide your organization with a detailed roadmap for training program implementation and management.

    A TPC Training Systems Training Plan assures that every training activity focuses on your performance priorities and that no critical requirements are overlooked.


    Job and Task Analysis

    Our Job Task Analysis (JTA) identifies the knowledge and skill requirements specific to your plant systems, equipment, and processes. Our training consultants will interview your key people, and review your systems, equipment, processes, and documentation.

    Our findings are summarized in a detailed report that identifies critical tasks, knowledge, and skills required for your specific operations, along with training recommendations to meet those requirements.

    If desired, we can also evaluate your internal procedures and documentation and provide recommendations for improvement.

    Contact a TPC Training Consultant for a complete outline of our JTA process.

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