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  • TPC Training Needs Evaluation

TPC Training Needs Evaluation

Let TPC visit your company to assess and analyze your current training infrastructure and recommend a customized and comprehensive training program that solves your unique workforce training program needs.

TPC knows you have highly specific training requirements, complex end-to-end processes in your production lines, and intricate machines that require customized training. We also understand with the current labor shortage and retiring workforce, you need your employees on-boarded, trained, and prepared to advance quickly—ready to perform their jobs safely, efficiently, and competently.

TPC Can Help

Our expert industry training consultants start with a visit to your facility to

complete a comprehensive needs analysis. They observe and evaluate your company’s product line(s), individual jobs, types or classes of equipment, processes, and the knowledge and skills required to maintain the safety of your facility, workforce, and equipment to meet all necessary compliance standards.

What’s Involved?

• A thorough tour of your facility
• Interviews with all stakeholders (e.g., managers, technicians, supervisors, craftsmen)
• Review of available reference manuals and relevant supporting materials
• Assessment of all employee roles and responsibilities

After TPC’s visit, our consultants and subject matter experts design customized training recommendations to address your company’s needs specific to your facility, employees, schedule, and budget. From designing facility-specific courses to creating and documenting job-specific procedures, TPC provides a proposal with recommendations for a comprehensive training program that addresses your company’s goals and precise training needs.

The Training Program Proposal

TPC provides a Training Program Proposal based on our observations that identify:

• A summary of your company’s training goals
• A list of recommended training elements including topics, audience(s), and program types
• A review of your present state of training
• Multi-phase training curriculum pathways including instructor-led, self-guided online, and custom-course content

The Results

When you take our customized training recommendations and implement them at your company, you experience peace of mind knowing you are providing your workforce with more than just training; you are improving their livelihood, which increases retention, expedites knowledge transfer, and enhances performance and engagement—ultimately, leading to the overall success of your company.

TPC, your partner in comprehensive workforce performance improvement.



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