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TPC Training Systems has developed high quality and highly effective plant-specific maintenance training materials for more than 45 years. Whether you need hands-on skills training, a qualification program, classroom training, self-study, or interactive online training materials, we have the experience to develop the plant-specific training program that's exactly right for you and your people.

TPC's subject matter experts can help develop your training program.

Our Training Consultants, Designers, and Developers are experienced in every type of industrial training application and in helping our customers comply with OSHA, DOE, DOT and other regulatory requirements. We are especially skilled at helping our customers benefit from the best practices and lessons learned from your industry while maintaining our focus on any unique needs for your organization.

Knowledge and Skill Assessments

We can create objective Knowledge Assessments that focus on your plant-specific knowledge requirements. We can also create detailed Job Skill Checklists that you can use to evaluate critical job skills according to your own criteria. With our assessments you will know exactly what your people know, what they are able to do, and where they need to improve.

Classroom Training

We can provide you with all the instructional, presentation, and supporting materials for your plant-specific classroom training requirements - from instructor guides and lesson plans to student guides, reference materials, visual presentations, wall charts/posters and more. Everything you need for a complete classroom learning environment.

Self-Study Training

We can create your plant-specific training materials in a self-study format so your students can train when and where it is most convenient. We'll organize your specific content according to proven self-study learning principles and include all the visual aids, progress-checks and remediation your students need to master the content and meet your performance requirements.


Put our expertise to work to develop your plant-specific training in interactive formats for interactive online delivery. We can even adapt your existing training materials, presentations, and documentation for computer based training.

Skills Training and Qualification

No training program is complete until you know that your people can apply their skills on the job and meet your performance qualification requirements. We can create hands-on skills training and qualification materials that your people can use on the job to develop their skills and verify that your qualification standards are met.


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