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  • Safety Subscription to Fulfill Your Annual Safety Training Requirements

OSHA safety training, additional safety skills, and measurability

Ensuring your team is always following and enforcing safe work practices is an integral part of preventing legal challenges related to safety incidents as well as to prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Avoiding these incidents and the resulting paperwork helps to improve productivity, increase facility uptime, and protect your reputation.

TPC’s Safety Subscription is designed to improve all facets of your safety training and tracking.

We’ve created three subscription tiers designed to meet your specific needs while ensuring your teams are fulfilling your annual safety training requirements.

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With the varied needs of your workforce in mind, we’ve created three tiers to help you easily access exactly what your team needs.


The BASIC plan includes:

Perfect for ongoing and annual training, this tier includes unlimited per-user access to our comprehensive library of safety training topics.


The ADVANCED plan offers:

  • Courses to help prevent injuries and factory downtime: Accident Investigation, Fall Protection, Ladder Safety, Confined Space Entry, Lockout/Tagout, Arc Flash, Hand Wrist Finger Safety, Machine Guard Safety, Emergency Planning, Personal Protective Equipment, Back Safety, Hazard Recognition, Slips, Trips and Falls, Hearing Conservation, Electrical Safety, Materials Handling Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Intro to OSHA.
  • Bulk discounts on all OSHA Outreach courses offered through TPC & OSHA Education Center: OSHA 10- and 30-Hour for both general industry and construction
  • OSHA DOL Cards for all trainees who successfully complete the Outreach course
  • No caps on number of trainees eligible for bulk discounts
  • Delivered via our learning management system: FUSION
  • Tracking and reporting to ensure your team completes the necessary courses


The PREMIUM plan includes everything listed under ADVANCED, PLUS our Mobile Audit & Inspections tool.

  • Allow safety inspections to be conducted in a level of detail like never before, including pictures of safety observations, assigning of priorities, and planning corrective actions, all in one central platform
  • Compare inspection results over time, between locations, and between inspectors, using the cutting-edge multi-view feature
  • Enhance repeatability and standardization of inspections over a large workforce
  • Mobile automation with immediate data aggregation & automatic notifications
  • Library of templates, including our 20 safety templates
  • Triggers automated notifications for real-time compliance checks (leading indicators)
  • Flexible solution for data fields, photos, photo annotation, GPS location, signatures, checklists, and more
  • Accessible 24/7 (online or offline) via mobile device
Safety Subscription to Fulfill Your Annual Safety Training Requirements

Our Safety Subscription helps overcome these challenges by:

  • Providing the OSHA-recommended safety training your team needs at the advanced and premium subscription levels and OSHA DOL cards to those who successfully complete the course
  • Ensuring your team understands safe practices in the workplace
  • Reducing legal issues often associated with safety violations
  • Protecting your team by arming them with the knowledge they need to avoid accidents and injuries.Keeping the workplace safer and more productive through improved training