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TPC Product Catalog

Our course catalog provides detailed information for all TPC technical skills and safety courses. Throughout the catalog you will find all the information you need to choose the right Technical Skills and Safety related courses to address your training needs.

We offer a variety of mediums to facilitate how training is delivered to your students, including online courseware, course manuals, computer-based training, video training formats, and more! Please refer to the course description page to view the available delivery mediums for each respective course.

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  Technical Skills Training
    Core Competencies
      Electrical Systems
      Mechanical Systems
    Specific Competencies
      Power Plant Operations
      Industrial Hazard Control
      Machine Tool Workbooks
      Process Control Instrumentation
      Process Control Systems
      Programmable Logic Controllers
      Packaging Machinery
      Rigging/Equipment Installation
      Machine Shop Practices
      Material Handling Systems
      Mechanical Maintenance
      Building/Grounds Maintenance
      Energy Conservation
      Water/Wastewater Treatment
      Foundations of Technology
      Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
      Custodial Maintenance
      Ammonia Refrigeration
      Maintenance Management
    KwikRef Elearning
  Safety Training
    Regulatory Compliance
    General Safety and Health
    Laboratory Safety