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  • Process Control Instrumentation Online Training Courses

Process Control Instrumentation 

TPC's online Process Control Instrumentation training series describes the safe operation and maintenance of sensors, transducers, controllers, final control elements, and other devices used in process control. Course included in this series explain the principles and practices governing many kinds of devices used to control pressure, temperature, flow, and level. The training also describes the proper use of analytical instrumentation and devices that measure and control force, weight, and motion. Learn more about online maintenance training with FUSION, TPC's LMS.

Introduction to Process Control

This online course covers the function of basic devices for measuring and controlling different kinds...


Pressure Measurement

Covers units of pressure and discusses Boyle's and Charles' laws to explain relationships among pressure,...


Force, Weight, and Motion Measurement

This course covers force, stress, and strain and explains the operation of strain-gauge systems. Relates...


Flow Measurement

Covers principles of fluid flow and how primary devices affect fluid flow. Describes flow measurement...


Level Measurement

Covers principles governing various methods of measuring level. This online course explains the operation of...


Temperature Measurement

Covers units in thermal measurement and operation of RTDs (and wheatstone bridges), thermistors, and thermocouples...


Analytical Instrumentation

The Analytical Instrumentation course covers principles, installation, calibration, and maintenance of conductivity probes, and methods...


Final Control Elements

Covers how elements in a closed-loop system affect final control element. Describes components in final...


Safety, Calibration, and Testing

Covers the responsibilities of the employer, employee, and regulatory agencies in maintaining safety. Discusses ways...