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  • Industrial Electronics Online Training Courses

Industrial Electronics

The online Electronics training series of courses is designed to help trainees understand the basics of electronic systems, especially those used in industry. Each course lays the foundation for the trainee's work with electronic building blocks, from simple diodes to complex ICs. The training series explains how semiconductor devices work and how components are combined to perform tasks, including amplification, oscillation, and signal and power supply regulation. It emphasizes good practices to keep systems running as they should and proper methods for troubleshooting and repair if they do not. The final course provides the foundation for an understanding of how logic circuits work. It progresses from simple Boolean logic functions-AND, OR, NOT, NAND, and NOR gates-to applications in today's common logic systems. Learn more about online maintenance training with TPC Online.


Covers the theory behind semiconductor operation. Describes the characteristics and operation of various diodes and...


Power Supplies

Covers the four basic kinds of power supply conversions. Explains how to work with nonchemical...



Covers the effects of gain, bandwidth, and distortion on amplifier performance. The course compares linear...



Covers how oscillation is started and maintained. Compares LC (tuned), RC (phase-shift), and crystal oscillators....


Digital Logic Systems

This online course covers the comparison of analog and digital switching circuits. Explains Boolean logic...