• Ammonia Refrigeration Online Training Course

Ammonia Refrigeration

The Ammonia Refrigeration training series of courses introduces the trainee to the growing field of ammonia refrigeration. Course topics begin with the nature of ammonia and the characteristics of an ammonia refrigeration system, the lessons then cover the various components that make up the an ammonia refrigeration system. The final course offers in-depth coverage of the many safety regulations regarding the use and maintenance of ammonia as a refrigerant. Select individual online training topics below to review the course's syllabus. Learn more about online maintenance training with TPC Online.

Ammonia Refrigeration Basics

This online course covers all maintenance aspects of using ammonia as a refrigerant. Describes both...


Positive-Displacement Compressors

Begins with coverage of reciprocating compressors-their design, lubrication, efficiency, and application. Covers rotary vane compressor...


Evaporators, Condensers, and Controls

The Evaporators, Condensers, and Controls online course covers the maintenance of gravity feed, overfeed, dump trap,...


Purging, Piping, and Safety

Explains the effects of noncondensables on an ammonia system and the importance of their removal....