Lesson 1 - Lathe Setup and Workpiece Preparation


Chuck size selection; Installing a chuck and work in a chuck; Correcting misalignment; Using 3-jaw, 4-jaw, collets chuck, and mandrels; Removing chuck

Learning Objectives:
– Select and install a chuck.
– Install and center work in a chuck.
– Use a 3-jaw and 4-jaw chuck.
– Use a collet chuck.
– Use a mandrel.

Lesson 2 - Rough Turning and Finish Turning


Tool selection, installation, and alignment; Setting speed and feed; Rough turning; Cutting fluids; Longitudinal feed; Rough and finish turning; Facing

Learning Objectives:
– Select, install, and align both a facing tool and a turning tool.
– Set the correct speed and feed for facing and turning.
– Rough turn a workpiece.
– Finish turn a workpiece.
– Face a shoulder

Lesson 3 - Boring and Counterboring


Boring tool design; Installing a boring bar and bit; Adjusting cross feed; Rough boring; Coolants; Finish boring; Counterboring

Learning Objectives:
– Select and install a boring bar and bit.
– Select the speed and feed for boring and counterboring.
– Make a trial cut
– Rough bore and finish bore a workpiece.
– Counterbore a workpiece.

Lesson 4 - Cutting Internal Threads and Boring Tapers


Tool selection; Installing, aligning, and threading the workpiece; Checking finished threads; Boring tapers

Learning Objectives:
– Select, install, and align a thread-cutting tool.
– Machine internal threads in a workpiece.
– Check finished threads.
– Bore a taper using the compound-rest method.
– Bore a taper using the taper-attachment method.

Lesson 5 - Holding Irregular and Oversize Workpieces


Mounting workpiece on a faceplate; Using faceplate jaws, clamps, and angle plates; Facing large diameters; Specialized mandrel; Boring

Learning Objectives:
– Mount and true a faceplate.
– Use faceplate clamps and jaws.
– Hold work on an angle plate.
– Mount work on the lathe carriage for boring.