Visitors at the STC-12 technical conference in Jubail Industrial City and Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic in Dammam will experience TPC’s latest in simulation-based training first-hand.

November 3rd 2016 – Buffalo Grove, IL – TPC Training Systems, the leader in industrial skills and facility safety training, will feature their newest simulation training solutions and on-the-job assessment tools at SABIC’s 2016 Technical Conference, followed by an exhibition at Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP). As part of its industry-leading library of online technical and safety training, TPC now offers cutting-edge on-the-job training (OJT) simulations, aerial work platform and crane simulations, collaboration VR, and equipment training simulations.

Industrial Maintenance Training in Operational Excellence

The 12th edition of the SABIC Technical Conference is the largest industrial exhibition in Saudi Arabia. The conference takes place November 6-9th, with over 12,000 industry experts expected to attend. TPC’s follow-up showcase of its simulation and VR solutions at Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic in Dammam will take place Nov 14-15th.

Through its office in Dubai, TPC Training Systems serves Gulf Region companies in their development of sustainable industrial workforces through developing and deploying customized training solutions. TPC Training Systems’ core workforce development services have been methodized through prior projects in the region, providing TPC with a specialized understanding of the training requirements of GCC-based industries. These specific requirements outline a growing need for simulation-based training that effectively reduces training costs and improves outcomes.

Through best-of-breed content and development partnerships, TPC has invested in a suite of innovative, simulation-based training technologies to develop cutting-edge training solutions. Simulation-based training works in industrial environments because it offers lifelike training experiences without the risk, expense, and access challenges usually associated with heavy equipment training. It also addresses the particular needs of GCC-based industries, as articulated in economic development plans like Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, to provide access to high-caliber, multi-faceted education to all parts of the region.

“Training programs that efficiently help workforces address knowledge gaps from classroom concepts to on-the-job practices are the most effective in advancing worker skills and company goals,” said Andrew Kauser, CEO of TPC Training Systems. “Simulations are highly effective because they place workers in on-the-job scenarios where trainees safely practice learned skills and administrators can effortlessly observe and report on competency levels.”

Along with advancements in simulation training solutions, TPC Training Systems will also demonstrate a first-of-its kind English language testing and training tool for the technical workforce at STC-12. Through a partnership with Kaplan International Tools for English (KITE), TPC’s new adaptive English language training program dynamically adjusts its training content to the language competency of each trainee. The program is aimed at raising the language proficiency of technical workforces to a standard that promotes facility safety, effective team communication, and greater productivity.

The SPSP exposition will also include the opportunity for visitors to participate in a first-hand demonstration of the “One Room” VR collaboration tool. Advance reservations are required and can be made at

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