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There are many exciting things happening at TPC Training. Here are some of our latest news, events and industry items:

The Value of Maintenance & Measuring Training Effectiveness Part 11

Posted by John | 07.24.18

And so lastly, as I mentioned earlier, this is what many of the code books say as what constitutes a qualified person, has the necessary skills, knowledge and safety training....

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Basic Pump Maintenance Keeping a Problem From Happening In The First Place (Part 1)

Posted by John | 09.26.17

On the surface, pumps seem like pretty simple things. But combining electrical and mechanical operations to move water from one place to another is complex and can be rife with...

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Avoid OSHA Violations at Your Facility (Part 4)

Posted by John | 04.01.17

So it says to follow the regulations in the current National Electric Code, so that's pretty good if you're in construction. If you're in 1926, you are installing equipment, but...

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Avoid OSHA Violations at Your Facility (Part 2)

Posted by John | 03.28.17

So, as we walk through the workplace, there are certain items that OSHA wants to have posted so that the employeesknow their rights. So you're going to have an OSHA...

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Avoid OSHA Violations at Your Facility (Part 1)

Posted by John | 03.27.17

As employers, the best way to maintain low costs is by keeping your employees safe, educated and up-to-date on all OSHA compliance issues. The webinar below aims to help employers...

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