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Industrial Fire Prevention

Industrial Fire Prevention

Every year more than a million fire emergencies are reported in the U.S., with over 35,000 of them taking place in industrial facilities. They cause thousands of injuries, as well as hundreds of deaths... and at least $1 billion in damage.

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TPC Training's online and safety video training on Industrial Fire Prevention looks at the fire hazards that can be encountered in industrial environments, discuss how fires can be prevented, and explain what employees should do in case a fire emergency occurs in their workplace.

Topics covered in this industrial safety course include:
– How fires burn.
– The four most common classes of fires.
– Extinguishing fires.
– Handling flammable materials safely.
– How to prevent fires.
– Dealing with a fire emergency.
– and more.

If you require Spanish language or VHS formats of our Industrial Fire Prevention safety training dvd, please contact your TPC Account Manager at 800.837.8872.