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"The Future of Industrial Training: the New Digital Classroom"

About the Webinar:
At TPC Training Systems, we’ve been on the hunt for ways that our industrial skills training solutions can evolve to meet the needs of all of our customers, and we’ve learned some things in the process. In this webinar, we’ll share what we’ve learned and give you a preview of the future of industrial training.

You’ll learn about:
  • The best uses of webcast and simulcast training formats
  • The advantages of blended online and live training
  • Virtual reality (VR) training environments, including an exclusive sneak peek inside a VR simulation

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    • Machine Shop Practices

    Online Machine Shop Practices Courses

    The online Machine Shop Practices training series is a nine course program that begins with an explanation of the types of tools used in machining. The following courses continue on to include step-by-step setup directions for turning and shaping operations. In-depth courses are full of illustrations and animations to make every point as clear as possible. Each training topic is reinforced with the latest programmed learning techniques. Learn more about online maintenance training with TPC Online.

    Machine Shop Practice

    Covers the principles of machining, measurement, tool grinding, and machine shop safety. This online course...


    Machine Shop Turning Operations

    Covers the major types of lathes and their attachments, safety, maintenance, job preparation, and basic...


    Machine Shop Shaping Operations

    Covers types of milling machines and milling operations. Covers spindles, arbors, feed rates, and safety...


    Machine Shop Job Analysis

    Covers types of jobs likely to be encountered by the maintenance machinist, and describes how...


    Lathe-Turning Work Between Centers

    The course takes the trainee through a series of operations on the lathe to make...


    Lathe- Machining Work in a Chuck

    A sequential follow-up to course 324 on lathe operation, This online course covers chuck installation,...


    Basic Milling Procedures

    The Basic Milling Procedures course covers the setup and use of the horizontal milling machine,...


    Indexed Milling Procedures

    Covers the use of the dividing head. Covers plain, differential, and angular indexing. The course...


    Multiple-Machine Procedures

    Previous courses have dealt largely with the operation of two major machine tools, the lathe...

    "Our Apprenticeship programs for several crafts have used TPC Training Systems’ materials for many years because the courses include detailed but practical knowledge with an easy-to-understand approach."

    –Mike C.
    Electrical & Instrumentation Superintendent
    Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

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