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Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

On-the-job injuries affect all types of people doing all types of work. Each year over 570,000 workers are injured at a cost to employers of over $100 billion annually. Government surveys show that the most common cause of workplace injuries today is due to employees not using proper PPE. TPC's online and safety video OSHA 10 equivalent products on Personal Protective Equipment provide the information maintenance employees need to remain safe.

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TPC Training's online and safety video training on Personal Protective Equipment is specifically designed to help employers meet OSHA requirements. They provide employees with the information that they need to avoid injury on the job by using the appropriate PPE.

Topics covered in this industrial safety course include:
– An overview of the OSHA regulations involving PPE.
– Head protection.
– Eye and face protection.
– Respiratory protection.
– Hand protection.
– Foot and leg protection.
– and more!

If you require Spanish language or VHS format of our Personal Protective Equipment safety training dvd, please contact your TPC Account Manager at 800.837.8872.