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  • Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Skill Set

Electrical simulation training courses provide hands-on training that gives you the skills necessary for troubleshooting circuits, sensors, and industrial controls.


Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Skill Set

TPC’s simulation-based electrical troubleshooting curriculum teaches:

•Mastering best practices for electrical troubleshooting safety
•Diagnosing and repairing a variety of faults common in electrical circuits
•Learning how to properly use a multimeter
•Building proficiency with lockout/tagout execution
•Identifying and replacing defective components
•Safely finding and repairing faulty wiring
•Troubleshooting programmable logic controllers
•And more

The skills learned in our simulation curriculum will prepare you to troubleshoot electrical safety issues, failures, and other problems in manufacturing production lines, petrochemical facilities, utilities, mining sectors, and other industrial settings.


Demo an Electrical Simulation

The benefits of electrical simulation training extend to both skills acquisition and long-term retention. This is why our training system not only utilizes an adaptive learning environment that provides immediate feedback and scoring for quantifiable training, but also simulates realistic, hands-on troubleshooting experiences using a gaming interface. When joined together, this system is proven to increase engagement and retention.

Schedule your demonstration today to see how electrical simulation training from TPC can benefit you and your employees by improving plant reliability and boosting your bottom line.

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