Factory Downtime Cost Calculator | TPC Training | Machine Downtime
  Factory Downtime Cost Calculator | TPC Training | Machine Downtime

How Much Is Factory Machine Downtime Costing You?

Downtime consultants say that almost every factory loses at least 5% of its productivity due to downtime, and many lose as much as 20%. To make things more complicated, 80% of companies are unable to correctly calculate their true downtime costs.

To estimate the downtime costs of your company, TPC Training has provided this Factory Machine Downtime Cost Calculator. Fill in the metrics below to see your true downtime costs.

The best way to avoid downtime and its associated costs is by improving the skills and knowledge of your employees. A well-trained employee is better able to help your company prevent situations that cause machine downtime.

TPC Training has hundreds of in person & virtual instructor-led courses as well as self-paced digital online courses that can help keep your employees safe, save downtime costs, and keep your factory running.

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