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  • Installed Electrical Troubleshooting Simulations

A production standstill due to an electrical equipment failure costs valuable resources and precious man hours. A maintenance team trained by TPC’s electrical troubleshooting simulations can save your company thousands in labor costs from stalled operations resulting from downtime.

Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting Simulations

Our 2D installed learning curriculum simulates common electrical faults, errors, and malfunctions. These replicate real-world electrical troubleshooting issues that will need to be accurately diagnosed and safely repaired on the job.

TPC’s simulation-based learning systems help you build a highly skilled labor force proficient in electrical troubleshooting without the need for costly physical training equipment. Our 2D product is compatible with multiple different devices and once installed will remain accessible at any time.

The 2D platform also comes with admin controls, allowing you to tailor the employee learning experience. You may create custom curriculums, build your own assessments, and monitor progress as needed.



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2D Installed Curriculum Overview

A wide range of electrical issues is included to ensure your team gains the broad electrical maintenance and troubleshooting expertise needed to maintain and repair your factory equipment. The following learned skills can be applied to a variety of fields such as automotive, food and beverage, oil and gas, plastics and packaging, and more.

Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits
Explore common issues with electrical circuits and build foundational skills such as using multimeters and other tools.
Troubleshooting Control Circuits
Diagnose and repair a variety of control circuit faults including relays, pushbuttons, a control transformer, a solenoid lock, proximity switch, and circuit protection.
Troubleshooting Motor Circuits
Learn the ins and outs of motor circuits and how to restore functionality. 
Troubleshooting Industrial Controls (1 & 2)
Tackle the complexity of industrial controls including processing fluids, electro-mechanical controls, and more in this two-part simulation.
Troubleshooting PLC Controls
Use ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, input/output schematics, and data sheets to determine the operation of PLC circuits.
Troubleshooting Industrial Sensors
Learn to maintain a wide variety of industrial sensors and environmental controls.


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