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Basic Pump Maintenance: Keeping a problem from happening in the first place

On the surface, pumps seem like pretty simple things. But combining electrical and mechanical operations to move water from one place to another is complex and can be rife with problems. In this free 1 hour webinar, instructor Wade Heisler helps take some of the mystery out of basic pump maintenance. We'll discuss maintenance strategies and techniques to help keep pumps from failing in the first place.

  • Tool & Die Maker Training

TPC Training Systems recommends the following courses for Tool & Die Makers:

TPC's recommended training curriculum for Tool & Die Makers includes 31 technical skills courses. Each training course contains 5-12 detailed, topic-specific lessons for a total of 206 Tool and Die Maker lessons.The training's subject matter ranges from fundamental courses required by an entry-level tool or die maker to more advanced competencies for your senior technicians.

Select any Tool and Die Maker training topic below to review a detailed course description:


101 - Reading Blueprints
102 - Reading Schematics and Symbols
103 - Mathematics in the Plant
104 - Making Measurements
105 - Metals in the Plant
107 - Hand Tools
108 - Portable Power Tools
109.1 - Industrial Safety and Health

Electrical Systems

201- Basic Electricity and Electronics

Mechanical Systems

301 - Basic Mechanics
302 - Lubricants and Lubrication
303.1 - Power Transmission Equipment
304 - Bearings

Energy Conservation

376 - Energy Conservation Basics

Industrial Hazard Control

151 - Chemical Hazards: OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard

Machine Shop Practices

315 - Machine Shop Practice
316 - Machine Shop Turning Operations
317 - Machine Shop Shaping Operations
323 - Machine Shop Job Analysis
324 - Lathe- Turning Work Between Centers
325 - Lathe-Machining Work in a Chuck
326 - Basic Milling Procedures
327 - Indexed Milling Procedures
328 - Multiple-Machine Procedures

Machine Tool Series

161 - Measurements
162 - Basic Hand Tools
163 - Work Planning and Setup
164 - Metal Cutting Fundamentals
165 - Cutting Tools I
166 - Cutting Tools II

Rigging & Equipment Installation

318 - Industrial Rigging

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